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Since ancient times, Cagliari has been one of Sardinia's most important cities. In the bronze age when it was inhabited by the nuraghipeople, during the Punic era, the period of Greek colonisation, under the dominion of the Romans, or under the rule of the Aragon empire: Cagliari has always been the most highly developed and prosperous of the island's cities.

Traces of the many civilisations to have influenced modern day Cagliari can be seen in the Cathedral, the Roman Amphitheatre, the Palazzo Reale, the Castle district, and the National Archaeological Museum.

Cagliari is situated overlooking the Golfo degli Angeli, on the Southern coast of Sardinia. A place much admired for its magnificent clear blue sea and its glorious beaches of soft white sand, such as the famous Poetto beach. Not surprisingly, given its seafront location, Cagliari's cuisine is based predominantly on fish and seafood. Visitors should not miss the opportunity to savour specialities such as the "gattuccio di mare con prezzemolo e noci" and the city's spectacular "bottariga".

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